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Preschool Program Curriculum

Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten

Our modern approach to learning focuses on future success, starting with kindergarten. To do that, we integrate STEAM concepts in all we do. Through hands-on activities in Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Math, we’re confident your little one will grow with confidence.

Here, U-GRO teachers work closely with local school districts to develop a plan that will help children successfully transition from preschool to kindergarten. While in our classrooms, your child will master important school-readiness skills, including:

  • Creativity
  • Self-confidence
  • Independence
  • Responsibility
  • Social awareness
  • Gross motor skills and fine motor skills
  • Scientific thinking skills and investigation
  • Early reading and writing
  • Mathematical reasoning and concepts

Our programs showcase proven success. U-GRO students have a five-year average kindergarten readiness score of 94.8% across all domains, something we’re very proud of. So, you can be confident your preschooler will be challenged and stimulated, as they hone skills that will last a lifetime.

Preschool (3 years)

Preschool learning goals include:

Language and Literacy:

  • Recognizes all uppercase letters
  • Identifies letters in own name
  • Identifies rhyming words
  • Identifies the beginning, middle, and end of a story
  • Understands differences between real and make-believe

Fine Motor:

  • Traces letters
  • Cuts simple shapes
  • Writes first name


  • Identifies numbers 0-10 and counts to 20 or higher
  • Sorts by shape, color, or size
  • Understands concepts of more, less, and the same

Scientific Thinking:

  • Uses five senses to gather data
  • Explores and describes the motion of objects

Pre-K (4-5 years)

Pre-K learning goals include:

Language and Literacy:

  • Recognizes all upper and lowercase letters
  • Identifies initial sounds, segments onset, and rhyme of words
  • Identifies some sight words
  • Explores letter-sound associations by writing and spelling words phonetically

Fine Motor:

  • Growing ability to write all upper and lowercase letters
  • Develops accuracy holding and cutting with scissors


  • Continues to develop rote counting skills
  • Compares number of objects with greater than, less than, and equal to
  • Understands addition as putting together and subtraction as taking away
  • Compares measurable attributes, such as length and weight

Scientific Thinking:

  • Names basic parts of living things
  • Creates and describes variations of sounds
  • Identifies changes in matter

K-Readiness (5 years)

Missed the kindergarten cut-off? Your center may offer this special program of extra prep time for kindergarten. Ask your center director for details.



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