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Nurturing Positive Behavior

Dealing with challenging behavior in children is a natural occurrence for both parents and teachers. This is often tied to their development. A show of defiance or aggression, or the use of hurtful words, may be because a child hasn’t yet learned the social, emotional, language, and cognitive skills needed to express themselves in more positive ways. At U-GRO, we see this as a learning opportunity. To help our teachers navigate these moments, we offer tools and resources for Positive Behavior Support.

myPath logoOur exclusive myPath® app contains strategies that encourage children to work through their emotions in a positive way, whether they’re in the classroom or elsewhere.

myPath: A Valuable Classroom Resource

Here’s a quick look at how myPath supports our educators:

  • myPath offers more than 1,000 age-appropriate strategies for teachers to help children develop social, emotional, cognitive, and language skills and behave in positive ways.
  • Strategies featured in myPath are vetted through current, trusted research about social-emotional development.
  • myPath gives teachers access to targeted strategies that address each child’s specific developmental or behavioral needs.
  • The myPath resource also inspires teachers to encourage and empower children to showcase positive behaviors throughout each day.

Our Educators

Experienced, dedicated teachers give individualized care and attention to each child.

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STEAM learning stimulates innovation, critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills. At U-GRO, we encourage children to feel connected to their educational journey by embracing modern concepts through intentional, hands-on play.

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