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Before and After School Care

Supporting the growth of elementary students.

Give your child (up to age 10) a comfortable place to gear up for the day and relax after class. Our school-age program is designed with their evolving interests in mind. Need practice with setting mindful goals? Eager to get your homework done? Hungry for an energizing breakfast

We’ve got it all covered!

Join us in the morning.

We begin each day with a calm, mindful routine that helps set your child up for success. They can also grab an on-the-go breakfast to fuel their mind and give them a smart start.

Wind down after class.

Enjoy spending time with your U-GRO friends after school each day! Children get to play outside, enjoy healthy snacks, and embrace the benefits of fresh air and exercise.

Focus on homework.

Our educators are a great resource! Tackle your schoolwork at the end of the day with access to a well-stocked school supplies station. Students will love that accomplished “job well done” feeling.

Grow your skills.

STEM projects are always available to spark your child’s sense of imagination. Explore Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math to develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Parent technology.

You’ll know what your child is up to every step of the way! We send regular updates about classroom activities via our exclusive SproutAbout® app, which also features live streaming video.

Need a ride?

Ask your school director about possible transportation from your elementary school.