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Unique Program, Proven Success

Our Blended Model® curriculum enables teachers to naturally help children reach their full potential. It utilizes the best of teacher-directed instruction combined with child-led exploration to fuel their curiosity and independence. Our approach is based on six critical layers that, together, give your child a solid foundation for school readiness.

Here, we utilize a supportive learning environment, positive approaches, quality interactions, a flexible structure, the importance of discovery, and a personalized assessment of abilities.

Teacher-Directed Activities

Throughout the day, teachers lead activities based on a weekly theme. Children come together in both large and small groups to experience concepts through active learning opportunities. The engagement aims to achieve the following:

  • Develop listening skills
  • Build cognitive skills in math, literacy, and science
  • Respond to music
  • Create through art and drama
  • Follow directions
  • Develop social skills
  • Enhance physical skills through movement

Child-Led Discovery Activities

Weekly themes are brought to life in our classroom learning centers. During play, children are encouraged to work together to explore topics of interest through in-depth studies. This hands-on approach provides learning opportunities to:

  • Develop problem-solving skills
  • Practice self-regulation
  • Make discoveries
  • Apply cognitive abilities
  • Work cooperatively

Our Educators

Experienced, dedicated teachers give individualized care and attention to each child.

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Positive Behavior Support

Our educators are empowered with methods to turn challenging behaviors into positive learning experiences.

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