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Early Childhood Education at U-GRO

A Balanced Approach to Learning 

The extraordinary is found at the intersection of discovery and instruction. We help your child experience the magic of learning through our exclusive Blended Model® curriculum. We are proud to offer flexible, education-based programs for children as young as 6 weeks and usually up to 8 years of age (although maximum age varies by location) through full- or part-time care. Our goal is to build a well-rounded, solid foundation to ensure a successful transition into kindergarten.

Our early childhood programs include:

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The Perfect Mix

We believe a solid foundation is created when teachers lead the way, while also stepping aside to give children a chance to make their own learning discoveries. Our exclusive Blended Model® curriculum does just that by combining intentional play, exploration, and active learning. The result leads to capable, confident students, ready for the next step: kindergarten! 

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Playtime Just Got Even Better!

We’ve doubled down on playground time for your child with not one, but two impressive set-ups that give them options to explore outside, and in! Our custom-designed structures ensure imaginations can run wild, no matter what the forecast is. We haven’t met a child yet whose eyes don’t light up with possibility when they see our unique commitment to making physical activity fun.

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