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Toddlers Program Curriculum

A Safe Place for Pennsylvania Learners

Our age-specific toddler programs focus on developing your toddler’s self-esteem and self-help skills. At this stage, they’re learning to walk and talk through exploration and discovery. At U-GRO, our curriculum is designed to keep up with your child’s accelerated pace by working with them to develop language and cognitive skills, coordination and spatial awareness, and self-control.

Your child will flourish in our carefully designed classrooms that provide:

  • A safe, spacious environment to foster independence
  • Activities for large and small motor skill development
  • Consistency and routine to establish comfort
  • Play time to develop social skills
  • Music and art, stories and dramatic play, movement, and manipulative toys

Teachers use our U-GRO Toddlers Curriculum to guide your child’s development in four domains:

Language and Literacy | Fine Motor Skills | Mathematical Thinking | Scientific Thinking

Toddler 1  (1 year)

Learning goals for this age group include:

Language and Literacy:

  • Follows one-step simple direction
  • Scribbles with writing and drawing tools
  • Uses 1-2 words or signs to communicate

Fine Motor:

  • Stacks toys and blocks
  • Manipulates pieces of age-appropriate puzzles
  • Uses spoon and fork for eating


  • Attempts to count
  • Sorts objects by size or shape
  • Notices differences in quantity

Scientific Thinking:

  • Explores characteristics of living things
  • Names common animals and their babies
  • Explores motion of objects of varying sizes, weights, and shapes

Toddler 2 (2 years)

Discover and explore learning goals such as:

Language and Literacy:

  • Recognizes some letters in own name
  • Describes details in pictures/illustrations
  • Follows two-step directions with reminders
  • Uses simple sentences with appropriate grammatical structure

Fine Motor:

  • Practices manual self-help skills (such as Velcro, snaps, etc.)
  • Refines grasp to manipulate tools and objects
  • Uses writing and drawing tools with refined skills


  • Identifies some numerals
  • Indicates number of objects
  • Shows understanding of more or less

Scientific Thinking:

  • Identifies parts of living things
  • Communicates about motion of objects (such as stop, go, fast, and slow)
  • Notices seasonal changes

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