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We all make sense of the world through stories. Not only is it fun for children, it’s also an essential part of development. Story Time promotes language and literacy. It also strengthens cognitive and social-emotional skills. So, why wait? Grab a book and get lost in the pages!

To support and encourage such development, our schools receive new books every other month. Each book is individually selected, based on age, to enhance learning opportunities. Children also receive classroom activity sheets that take it one step further, encouraging a thoughtful way to interact with the stories.

You can support reading excellence at home too, with our Story Time at Home Newsletter. It’s our way of keeping you in the loop with book suggestions and fun facts about language and literacy development.

The Power of Reading

A Message From Johnna Weller, Chief Academic Officer

Of all the moments you share with your child each day, reading a story together is one of the most impactful to your child’s development. When you curl up together and open a new or favorite book, you are deepening critical social and emotional bonds with your child and creating a language-rich experience that fuels the developing brain. Why is reading aloud to your child so powerful?
  • Stories help your child learn about themselves and others.
  • Picture books are filled with rich vocabulary that develops your child’s oral language skills.
  • Reading a book together helps your child with critical life skills, such as sustaining focus and attention, controlling impulses, and developing social skills like empathy.

Humans process and organize experience by thinking narratively, about who, what, where, and why things happen around them. Young children know this instinctively and are drawn to storytelling and books, wanting to hear them and again. When you sit your child on your lap and point to the pictures, make animal sounds, or recite favorite phrases, you’re making connections that last a lifetime.

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