Life Skills

Developing your child’s future and well-being starts from the very beginning. That’s exactly what our life skills programs are designed to do. Integrated into our curriculum, these life skills go far beyond the self-help skills children master as toddlers—they help your child develop healthy bodies and minds while building self-confidence, self-identity, communication and critical thinking.

Man playing guitar and singing in indoor play area to a group of diverse toddler children

Designed to help your child develop the life skills necessary for success in school and life, PathFinder focuses on personal responsibility, self-regulation, self-motivation, persistence, respect for others, belief in one’s own potential and problem-solving. Your child will participate in two PathFinder lessons per day cycle (concepts extend naturally into the everyday classroom and daily curriculum). Lessons use active learning techniques, including puppets, group discussions, role-playing and storytelling, to help your child become an effective problem solver and decision maker.

Fitness Fun

Our physical fitness program is designed specifically to help your child build healthy habits for life. It enhances gross motor development and encourages creative thinking and expression while building self-esteem and confidence. It also helps your child learn social skills like listening, sharing, taking turns and following rules. Weekly fitness activities are lead by our in-house program instructor Michele Sensenig and align with Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards for Preschool. Fitness concepts are also applied in the classroom and shared with your family to encourage fitness at home!

“I strive to write songs that kids and parents can be entertained by while they are together enjoying each other’s company.”
- Steven Courtney
Music with Steven Courtney

Throughout the year, songwriter and performer Steven Courtney leads U-GRO children in music and movement. This program will expose your child to different types of instruments and musical concepts. Steven Courtney has performed more than 5,200 concerts and recorded 30 full-length albums. He received a Parents’ Choice Award in 2011, collected seven Children’s Music Web Awards, and was given the Arpeggio Award for “Outstanding Work with Children” through the Arts. It’s his commitment to children and families that make this unique musical partnership with U-GRO a success!

Spanish Language Learning

Learning a second language at an early age will give your child a global perspective and boost brain power. The Spanish Language Program will introduce your child to Spanish skills and concepts through weekly instruction that incorporates puppets, songs, games, literature and conversation. These concepts are also applied in daily curriculum to encourage practice and learning opportunities. Spanish lessons align with the Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards for Preschool.

Infant & Toddler Sign Language

Daily sign language will help your child communicate at an early age. It is also proven to decrease tantrum behavior while increasing your child’s vocabulary and visual attention skills. Your child will be introduced to new signs each month, and these signs will be shared with you and your family to encourage practice at home.