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Making the Most Out of a Daily Commute with Your Child

Commutes to and from work can be stressful enough, especially if there is a long drive involved. If you are a working parent that chose a childcare center close to your office, you have an extra companion to keep you occupied during your ride! Look forward to the daily trips you make with your child by learning, starting conversation, and interacting with each other.

Engage with Education

The car is a great time to practice counting, telling stories, and expanding your son or daughter’s vocabulary. Get your child’s mind moving with a few of these fun ideas!

Play Fun Car Games

There are plenty of fun games you can play to keep your child occupied during the ride. Interact with each other by playing some of these games!

Ask Personal Questions

As your child develops his vocabulary and ways to exhibit how he is feeling, you can begin to ask him deeper questions. Get to know him or her on a deeper level by asking them these fun questions or variations of them.

Listen to Audiobooks

Audiobooks are a great way to keep children entertained during car rides, but they strengthen listening skills, concentration, vocabulary, and word enunciation. Below are a few audiobook suggestions.

Keep Hands and Minds Occupied

Having a few tricks up your sleeve can be a lifesaver on days filled with traffic or congestion. Here are a few suggestions to keep your child occupied while you are concentrated on driving.

If you choose childcare near your workplace, make the daily commute with your child enjoyable, interactive, and educational with these activities. Your child will have a blast, and you will too! Check out our locations to find a U-GRO center that fits you and your family.