3 Creative Rainy Day Activities

Rain and thunderstorms often mean that favorite outdoor activities have to be postponed, but don’t let the weather dampen your fun! Here are three creative ideas for bringing the fun indoors.

Paint with Fruit

For rainy days, you need a fun art project that children of all ages can enjoy, and one that is easy to put together. Instead of using paint brushes, try painting with fruit. First, put down an old tablecloth or blanket on the table for easy cleanup. Slice a few pieces of fruit in half to use as stamps (citrus fruits work well). We also recommend cutting some extra pieces to set aside for snacking. Then, let your child press the sliced fruits into their favorite paint colors and then onto paper. Repeat until your little one has their very own fruit print!

They’ll love mixing different paints together to create new colors. It’s a fun way for children to discover the color wheel on their own.

Discover Forgotten Toys

Enjoy some together time by cleaning out the toy box! If they’re forgotten, it’s almost like getting new toys! Your child will love rediscovering their old favorites.

If there are any toys your child no longer wants, ask if they want to give them to a sibling or friend. You can even encourage them to donate the toys to a charitable organization that distributes toys to children who may not have any. It’s a great way to teach them about giving back at an early age!

Plan an Indoor Picnic

Instead of the kitchen table, enjoy lunch or a snack on the floor! Have an indoor picnic complete with a blanket on the floor, a packed picnic basket, the works! Encourage them to use their imagination and pretend ants are crawling near you like they might be if you were outdoors!

Our Child-Friendly Recipes Pinterest board includes lots of quick and easy recipes that would be perfect for indoor picnics. This indoor s’mores recipe is a top contender! Your child can help by placing the marshmallows on top of the graham crackers. Or try these no-bake dirt cups! Your child can help stir the pudding.

Read our blog for more engaging activities, recipes, and other helpful tips for busy parents, whether it’s rain or shine!