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3 Thoughtful Gifts for Mother’s Day

Happy mother's day! Child daughter congratulates moms and gives her a postcard and flowers tulips

Mother’s Day is around the corner! As a father or another family member, you may have seen or heard your child express excitement about celebrating mom, grandma, aunt, or another mother figure with something special. Your child may even have some gift ideas of his own!

If you’re helping your child plan a Mother’s Day gift, here are three thoughtful ideas that any mom or mother figure will love.


Does your child love story time with mom? Why not help your child pick out a book to give on Mother’s Day? Add a picture or note on the inside cover for an added personal touch. Here are some stories we recommend that make perfect gifts for this special occasion:

If your child doesn’t have a book to give, story time is still a gift Mom will cherish. Reading a little bit each day is important, and Mother’s Day provides an extra special reason to cuddle up and enjoy a good book as a family.

Favorite Meal

Your little chef can cook or bake a treat to practice kitchen skills while showing his love for Mom. Maybe assist in preparing Mom’s favorite food, breakfast in bed, or a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Or, pack a lunch for a Mother’s Day picnic in the park! While appropriate tasks will depend on your child’s age, there is always a need for helping hands in the kitchen!

Stuck on what to cook? The Daily Meal has 10 easy recipes that children can make for Mother’s Day. Offer ideas or suggestions, but let your little one decide what to make for Mom!

Handmade Gifts

A handmade present is something Mom will treasure forever! Check out these three ideas for handmade gifts. All you need is a few supplies, some of which you most likely already have on hand!

Flower Photo Garden

Your child can decorate doilies or flowers with you. Let your child’s imagination run wild! You can incorporate natural objects like leaves or grass, or make patterns with handprints dipped in child-safe paint. Anything goes! When your flowers are finished, you can also glue photographs of each family member in the center of the flowers.

Paper Plate Art

This is one of the easiest, most fun arts and crafts projects you and your child can create for Mom. Let your child choose the medium (e.g., paint) and decorate his paper plate however he wants, keeping in mind that it is a present for Mom. Then, attach a heartfelt message or photograph to the plate. This is a great alternative to a Mother’s Day card.

Coupon books

Help get chores done and create a coupon book! Trace around your child’s hand, making three to six hands. Cut out the hands and punch a hole at the top. Use a string and loop it through the punched holes to tie them together.

On each hand, write something your child can do to help Mom, like, “Clear my dishes from the table.”

A gift for Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be fancy or planned in advance. You can help your child create a truly memorable day for Mom with these simple yet thoughtful ideas.