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5 Saint Patrick’s Day Activities for Children

Bring a little luck of the Irish to your family on St. Patrick’s Day! Holidays present unique opportunities for your child to learn and discover other cultural traditions. Here are five easy educational, family-friendly St. Patrick’s Day activities that teach your son or daughter about Irish traditions and provide plenty of fun!

1. Color Wheel Painting

Have fun making St. Patrick’s Day-themed paintings while giving your child an opportunity to experiment with mixing colors. For an easy art project, grab some blue and yellow paint, and have your child mix the colors together with paint brushes. Then, create pictures to hang on the refrigerator. This is an easy, low-cost craft that will get your child thinking about the color wheel.

Don’t stress if they want to mix other colors in and your green turns into brown. Just have fun!

2. Irish Music

Research shows that exposing children to music at an early age has a tremendous impact on their cognitive and emotional development. Expose your child to a new, different genre of music. Get the whole family dancing on St. Patrick’s Day with Celtic songs. Kiboomers’ YouTube channel has lots of Irish music for children to sing and dance to!

3. St. Patrick’s Day Story Time

One of U-GRO’s preschool literacy goals focuses on identifying the beginning, middle, and end of a story. Read a St. Patrick’s Day book to your child, and ask him or her to summarize the story. Here are a few U-GRO St. Patrick’s Day favorites.

Even 15 minutes of reading can make a huge difference in your child’s educational success. If your child isn’t of preschool-age, story time is still something that the whole family can enjoy.

If you don’t have a St. Patrick’s Day book, have your child pick their favorite book and identify green objects. This is a great way to work on color recognition with toddlers while fostering a love of literacy.

4. Shamrock Counting

Pinterest is a fantastic resource for fun, easy, and budget-friendly crafts. Download this shamrock printable that has shamrocks of various sizes and have your child color them. Then, they can sort the shamrocks by size and color. You can also use them to practice counting. Ask your child to count out loud how many shamrocks there are of each size.

To make this activity even more fun, share a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream or a minty milkshake afterwards!

5. Sensory Play

Green slime is a great St. Patrick’s Day indoor activity. Slime helps develop sensory skills. It only requires a few ingredients: Borax, water, food coloring, and glue. Your child to can mix ingredients and add the blue and yellow food coloring. This allows them to discover how different colors are created and even incorporates a little science.

Looking for more activities to keep your child engaged throughout the year? Get more ideas for fun, educational activities on the U-GRO blog.