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Ask U-GRO: What is The Blended Model Curriculum?

We’re often asked by potential families about The Blended Model® early childhood curriculum. We’re very proud of this unique, proprietary learning platform that was created by our Curriculum Team. The Blended Model® offers opportunities for structured, standards based, age-appropriate learning experiences, as well as self-directed exploration and play.

Explore, Learn, Play and Grow

The Blended Model® early childhood curriculum is designed to balance teacher-directed learning with child-led discovery. While the teacher-directed activities will help develop essential skills like learning numbers and letters, child-led learning and discovery will build problem-solving and decision-making skills. Child-led learning also provides children with time to explore topics that interest them the most.

A teacher directed activity can immediately lead into a child-led discovery, which allows for exploration, investigation and learning. This holistic approach will help your child build self-esteem and confidence which in turn builds future success in kindergarten and life!

Through teacher-directed activities in small and large groups, children will:

Through child-led discovery, which includes independent play at learning centers throughout the classroom, children are able to:

Benefits of The Blended Model®

One of the most valuable benefits of blended learning in a toddler or preschool early education curriculum is that it gives children opportunities to lead their own learning experiences. For example, a teacher-directed lesson on backyard exploration can expand into several different directions during independent play, based on the interests of each child.

Additionally, blended learning allows students to develop healthy peer interactions and strengthens social-emotional connections.

If you’re interested in learning more about The Blended Model® and our unique approach to early childhood development, schedule a visit and speak with the Director at one of our U-GRO learning centers.