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4 healthy ways to enjoy eggs this Easter

Your child will be hunting for eggs in the yard this Easter, so why not make an effort to include them in her diet? Not only are they chock full of protein, they’re also a versatile ingredient. Here are four healthy ways you can enjoy eggs:

  1. Egg Dip: Make a healthy snack by mixing a hard boiled egg in guacamole or veggie cream cheese. You’ get bonus health points if you serve carrots or baked chips for dipping.
  2. Omelets: Have your child add her favorite ingredients to an omelet to add more fun and flavor to eggs.
  3. Egg in a hole: Use a cookie cutter or drinking class to cut a hole in the center of a slice of bread and crack an egg into it while cooking on a skillet.
  4. Egg salad sandwich: In a traditional form, an egg salad sandwich isn’t the healthiest. However, replacing mayonnaise with a mix of nonfat yogurt and low­-fat mayo makes a great substitute. You can also add in some more raw veggies for extra nutritional value.

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