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4 Creative Ways to Get Your Child to Eat More Carrots

With Easter in a few weeks, your child may already have visions of egg hunts and lots of sweets. Now is the perfect time to get them to try the Easter Bunny’s favorite treat: carrots. Your little one might not be convinced by that recommendation alone, though, so here are four creative ways to incorporate more of this incredible veggie into her diet:

  1. Be sneaky: You’ve already heard of carrot cake, but what about carrot muffins? By sneaking some carrots into a chocolate-­y treat, your child doesn’t have to know that vegetables are involved at all. Check out the awesome recipe from Kitchen Treaty!
  2. Treat them like fries: Teach your child to love the taste of carrots by making them look like a junk food he loves: French fries! Cut up carrots into long slices, place on a baking sheet and give them a light coating of olive oil and salt. Roast them in the oven at 400 degrees for 20 minutes and serve with the dipping sauce of your (or your child’s) choice!
  3. Make fun shapes: Sometimes all it takes is a little presentation magic to convince your child to eat veggies. You can use a small cookie cutter to shape your carrot slices into different shapes, like a heart.
  4. Add other flavors: Show your child how easy it is to transform an ingredient by flavoring your carrots with something like ginger-orange!

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