How to Make a Fun Game Out of Getting Active

It’s a new year, so now is the perfect time to make a resolution your whole family can benefit from, and what’s better than getting everyone moving? In the winter especially, it can be too easy for your children to become inactive. To get them motivated about physical activity, here are some ways you can turn it into a fun game:

“Stretch and Sprout”
To teach your children how to stretch, have them roll into a tight curl on the floor and pretend to be a seed, then pretend to water them, asking them to stretch outward and “grow”. Repeat this cycle faster each time so the stretches turn into jumps.

“Stand Together”
Have two children sit back to back on the floor and work together to stand up. For even more of a challenge, see if they can stay linked while walking around the house and picking items up.

“Left Foot, Right Foot”
Not only will this game get children on their feet, it will teach them which foot they’re using. Make footprint shapes and label them “left” or “right.” Have your child hop from print to print, calling out the foot in use.

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