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5 Ideas for Preschool Classroom Management

Preschool teachers are well aware that routines, schedules and clear guidelines are critical to ensuring that the classroom is effectively conducive to learning. When it is a teacher and an aide facing a dozen energized three- and four- year olds, one of the most important elements of a successful learning environment is proper implementation of classroom management techniques.

Here at U-GRO Learning Centres, we put a focus on ensuring the safety and success of each of our students by supporting our teachers in situations like these. We often go through a number of resources to make sure that everyone on our staff has the best information and resources on hand to teach your children. One bit of information that we recently came across is an interview with Sandy Fivecoat, founder of WeAreTeachers — a resource for lesson plans and professional development — and Vicki Gibson, who is an educational consultant and creator of the “We Can” early literacy curriculum.

In this interview, Gibson offered up five keys to early childhood classroom management:

When it comes to setting up a classroom — whether it is after the holiday break or in the new school year — we are always sure to keep these elements in mind. For information about careers at U-GRO, visit our Careers page.