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Easing Your Toddler’s Separation Anxiety

Screaming, tantrums, and tear-filled goodbyes are common incidents in a young child’s life. When you leave your son or daughter with a stranger for the first time, his or her behavior may be downright scary. Separation anxiety is unpleasant for you and your child, but it is a normal part of his psychological development. Understanding your toddler’s feelings and knowing how to react will help both of you successfully move through this phase.

Why does separation anxiety happen?

When babies reach the age of 4-7 months, they develop the sense of “object permanence,” meaning that they realize that people and objects still exist even if they cannot see them. In addition, babies have no sense of time, so they have no idea when or if you will return. As a child enters the toddler stage of development, and begins to understand emotions, he or she may fear that you are abandoning him or her when you leave.

What should you do?

The most important thing that parents should remember is that separation anxiety will eventually pass. At U-GRO Learning Centres, our toddler programs will keep your child engaged and entertained, while hopefully not missing Mom and Dad too much.
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